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Offload Internet Traffic from Slow VPNs by Sending Connections From Remote Users through iboss cloud

The iboss cloud is designed to keep business running smoothly and efficiently by protecting Internet access no matter where the users are. Fast, secure cloud access is critical so that employees can be productive as they work in the office, on the road, or at home. The iboss cloud simplifies securing Internet access by delivering security in the cloud so that the protection follows the user, providing protection at all times. Learn more about the advanced capabilities of iboss cloud below.

Protection via the cloud guarantees consistent security and feature-parity for all users regardless of user location

Alternative Secure Web Gateway appliance vendors that do not have a cloud-first approach add mobile and branch office support via a “cloud bolt-on” capability. This appliance-first bolt-on approach may result in a single interface, but that single interface is a mere abstraction that there are actually two distinct platforms that are being glued together. The on-prem platform tends to be robust while the cloud add-on capability is limited. This results in an inconsistent user experience as traffic traverses the on-prem web gateway appliances while in the office and the cloud module while on the road. In addition, this limits administrators from creating policies that are consistent regardless of user location. Usually this leads to a lower security posture and challenges for IT as equal protection cannot be applied to users in the same manner between the office and the road.

The iboss cloud is a single cloud platform which means that all features, capabilities and protection are applied in exactly the same way, regardless of whether the user is in the office or on the road. IT and Security Staff can create filtering policies, malware prevention rules and data loss prevention policies that protect users without worrying about how that policy will make it to the user. The iboss cloud is delivered in the cloud and protects users in exactly the same way in the current borderless network world.

Consistent Protection in the Office or on the Road

Consistent and effective protection must be applied to cloud access regardless of user location in order to ensure an organization’s users are adequately protected. Having a very high level of protection for users while they are in the office only to have minimalist protection while those users are outside of the office results in more malware infections which leads to lost productivity, increased IT costs and increased data loss.

Security for Mobile Users in the Cloud

Typical on-prem strategies for protecting mobile users involves redirecting data back to the data center or office for protection. This is usually cumbersome, slow and results in a poor user experience, in addition to high costs from appliance purchases and bandwidth costs at the office. The iboss cloud allows protection to be applied to users regardless of the users location. Protection is the same whether the user is at headquarters or working from a home office. This is because the users Internet access is protected in the cloud via cloud gateways. This substantially reduces equipment, bandwidth, labor costs and simplifies mobile security, resulting in better protection for all users wherever they roam.

The ability to track connections and provide stream-based firewall protection is typically limited to on-site users. With iboss cloud, firewall protection extends to users regardless of where they are located.

Firewall protection is typically limited to users while they are working on-site because data is forced through traditional on-prem network security appliances. The challenge is users are no longer constrained to working within the four walls of the organization due to cloud application use, mobility and mobile devices. This leaves users vulnerable to no firewall protection while on the road.

The iboss cloud provides full outbound firewall protection for users regardless of location. This includes Intrusion Prevention, connection tracking, NAT, as well as IP and Port blocking. The containerized architecture extends firewall protection to users at all times to ensure fast and secure connections to cloud applications.

Intrusion Prevention Regardless of User Location

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) identify threats in stream-based data. The iboss cloud’s containerized architecture allows stream-based data to be processed even when users are remote. Full firewall IPS is supported, including the ability to use existing IPS signature subscriptions. Custom signatures can also be imported into iboss cloud. This allows firewall IPS protection for user Internet traffic at all times without worrying about whether they are onsite or on the road.

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